Business  Projects

Beyond Meat:


  • Analyzed organizational structure, marketing strategies, and objectives of Beyond Meat
  • Created business plan for improvement and expansion of Beyond Meat with four classmates
  • Composed financial data; allocated resources for proposed plans; presented to board of executives



  • Mycelium based product that their parent company, Ecovative, is introducing in the national market
  • Developed a brand positioning strategy for the product, including a tagline and creative mock promotions in order to enhance the company’s market prescense 
  • Presented ideas to the CMO of the company

Franklin Square Market:


  • Similarly to MyBacon, the goal of this project was to introduce a new speciality food market in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Formulated a strategy to position the company effectively in order to get more customers through the doors
  • Crafted a compelling tagline and executed creative mock promotions to increase brand awareness and customer engagement 
  • Presented idea to the Senior Manager of Sales of the company