Andi Levitz

Skidmore college




Hi! I’m Andi and I am currently a junior at Skidmore College. I am majoring in Management and Business. I am also on the Skidmore Women’s basketball team. I was born in Boston, but mainly lived in Florida and North Carolina the majority of my life. My parents moved back to Massachusetts less than a year ago, so that is where I am currently located. Moving around to new environments has helped me become resilient and adapt to change quickly and easily. Some people say I am an only child, but I would argue that statement because of my dog, Brady. Brady is a Bolonoodle, which is a Bolognese and Poodle mix. Brady is five years old and weighs only seven pounds. Brady is my best friend and always will be!


 I am very close with both my mom and dad. When growing up, we always called ourselves the Three Musketeers because the three of us always did everything together. My mother and I love hanging out, chatting, going shopping, and grabbing lunch together. My father and I love to watch sports, television shows, and movies together. I don’t have a big family, but the family I do have means the world to me and I am very close to them. This photo was taken when my parents came to support me when my basketball team won our first game in the NCAA tournament last year. This was a very special moment that I will never forget and I am so happy my parents were able to witness it in person.


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